Love Gisele

First Impressions

It´s almost as if the name of the site, Love Gisele, is a command. What´s great is that when you visit the tour it´s pretty hard to resist doing that very thing. This blonde bombshell has 34DD tits, long hair and a tight body that belongs in front of as many eyes as possible. I´m surprised that she´s not a pornstar based on her body and her lips and those sweet, lusty eyes that are always staring into the camera lens. I loved watching her preview video and checking out her free pictures and I have a feeling the site is going to be a lot of fun.

Hot Promises

Gisele welcomes you to her site with a note about how she´s worked really hard to make it excellent and how she can´t wait to meet you. She also makes sure to point out that she´s totally topless now so you can enjoy that, no doubt. I know it´s going to be hard not to have a good time browsing the picture galleries and videos based on what I´ve seen. She talks about how she loves making her videos and she offers six previews so she must be confident that they´re good. So far the site is very well put together and now it´s time to go inside to see how it all comes together.


The latest updates are list on the main member´s page and it appears that she adds something new every 2-3 days. That´s impressive no matter what kind of site it is but even more so when it´s a solo babe. She´s working hard to keep her site interesting and sexy and given how big her breasts are, how tight her body she is and how beautiful she is Gisele wouldn´t actually have to do all that much to keep people interested and excited in what she has to present to the world. I´m deeply pleased that she works hard anyway.

On the About Gisele page you can learn a little more about her, like the fact that she loves doggy style when she´s feeling naughty and missionary when she´s feeling romantic. She also posts a diary but it´s only rarely updated so it´s not a wealth of information. I like her writing style though and I like that she´s willing to share personal information with us. Feeling like there´s a connection with the model makes it a lot easier to get into her site and to concoct whatever fantasy drives you wild with desire. The forum is a pretty good place for that and Gisele will definitely interact with you as long as you´re not a troll.

If you´re like me then you´re most interested in seeing the content at Love Gisele. You want the picture galleries and videos where this busty blonde shows off her huge knockers and her tight tummy and those incredibly sexy abs and that beautiful ass. As Gisele promised on the tour she mixes it up in the photo sets by offering you some super glamorous and erotic stuff along with the more casual sets. It´s all pretty glamorous though since I imagine it´s hard for this girl to simply look casual. She´s too beautiful and her body too tight and sexy for that.

The image sets are organized in easy to browse thumbnail galleries and the full size pictures are 1200px. I thought it was the perfect size. There´s a zip download of every gallery if you´d like to keep the pictures forever and based on what I´ve seen quite a few of you will be doing that. Gisele is definitely good looking enough to be worth keeping around for a long time. The casual galleries tend to show her hanging around the house, like the set where she´s in her home gym wearing a sports bra and little workout shorts. There´s another where she´s hanging out in a t-shirt and cute pink panties that I really liked. There´s also a shot of pure candids where she´s just hanging out in the kitchen in a plaid shirt flashing her tits. She moves to the shower shortly thereafter and her body looks beautiful when it gets all wet.

As you would expect with a girl like this there are plenty of bikini shots to enjoy. Love Gisele is the official site of a girl with a body made for modeling bikinis and she delivers. My favorite is more of a half bikini. She´s outdoors in a thong bottom and black high heels and the rest of her is bare and beautiful. Those big DD cups are staring back at us and it looks like she put a little tanning oil on them because they´re just a little bit shiny and they sure to look amazing. Gisele does not show her pussy but she´s more of a centerfold than anything else and that´s fine with me. Her tits are the big attraction here and you´ll see them naked in every set.

There are 29 videos to download and they might be even more impressive than the picture galleries. It looks like most of them come from her webcam shows or were at least recorded on a webcam. They´re great looking at 720x480 and most are really short at 1-4 minutes. The thing that makes the videos great is her uncanny sexiness. This is a girl that has always been gorgeous and sensual and she understands how to turn a man on. The way she moves, the way she caresses her body and the things she does with her hands all make the movies irresistible. I would join just to be able to download them all because they are unbelievably arousing. My favorite shows her rolling around in front of the fireplace wearing black fishnet stockings and black leather boots and a black thong. Trust me, it´s awesomely hot.

There´s a link for her webcam show but the schedule doesn´t show her anywhere on it. There are several other girls doing shows and I´m pretty sure you get free access to them so that´s awesome but it´s unclear if Gisele will be doing any. That´s a small inconvenience though because all of those videos are ready for download and they´re all awesome. Gisele has designed three wallpapers if you want to dress up your desktop and they´re pretty tasty looking so I´d recommend it heartily. The girlfriends page allows you to view thirteen galleries from other hotties working the web with their naughty bodies.

Croco´s Opinion

Love Gisele is a terrific and sexy site that features the beautiful babe with the big tits taking off her clothes, flashing her titties at the camera and doing sexy dances when she turns on the video. She has 20 picture galleries and 29 videos and she´s updating every 2-3 days so you know the collection is going to join. You get access to webcam shows from other hot girls and there´s a forum where you can chat with Gisele to get to know her a little better. The bottom line is that this beautiful blonde bombshell delivers on the promise of her tour. There´s great content inside featuring her incredibly hot body and that´s all you need for maximum entertainment. Come and join her for a good time.


It´s a breeze navigating the site and the quality is good across the board.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 every 30 days.

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